MS Explorer 10 offers navigation using Kinetic-based motion sensing technology.

Advanced facial recognition technology makes single sign-on a reality.

Availability of cheap flexible screen technology replaces newspapers and magazines.

8 terabyte flash memory chips spell the death knell for spinning media.

Video teleconferencing comes of age as airlines stocks suffer and airline terminals are repurposed as prisons for software hackers.

Facebook, Twitter and Zynga all IPO. Google joins the Dow 30.

Amazon acquires Sears and Kmart in continuing search for warehouse space.

Web Based simulation tools allow you to test an unlimited combination of possible actions to optimize potential outcome.

Adobe and Dell acquired by Intel.

BMC taken private by Francisco Partners after bidding war with IBM.

Excel supports 3D and "superman flyovers" to visualize data.

Convergence of TV and Internet finally complete with solutions from Apple, Microsoft, Google, Samsung and Netflix.

iPad Two is thinner, faster and includes 3D capability.

iPhone 5 features a heads-up display, stereo Bluetooth headphones, and batteries that last all day.

So many URL's have been registered that the first unique available combination is 37 characters in length.