I searched for the word "software" in the actual text of the 2009 Economic Stimulus Package law the US Congress passed earlier this year, then read those sections. It took me a while to make my way through them; and my basic conclusion is that at least for those sections, it sounds like it will be a while, too, before any significant amount of money makes its way through to software companies. It will also create some more business uncertainties for them in the meantime.  

There are 3 sections that use the word software. High-speed Internet and Health IT, which overlap a bit regarding software impact; plus a third section which just lets students now use their 529 accounts to buy software related to education (even games!).  I cover more details about the Broadband and Health IT sections, and what I see as their impact on software companies in regards to both software business and software M&A, in a longer form of this post, at http://www.corumgroup.com/EconomicStimulusPackage.aspx