I sincerely hope that my kids are reading case studies about Stephen Elop someday. I would love for this to be a true turnaround story for Nokia, as they have been such a monumental figure in the developing mobile world over the past couple decades.

In case you haven't seen the many headlines from last night's (very early this morning's!) announcements, Nokia has entered into a solid partnership with Microsoft to offer Windows Mobile software across the broad spectrum of Nokia devices.

Some interesting quotes:

"Shareholders should understand that over the next two years, Nokia will be under heavy restructuring"

"Nokia will undergo significant staff reductions"

"We will be making sweeping changes to our management and the vision of our company"

Some of the Headlines from Today:

Nokia's Road Ahead Will Be Rough, Not Impossible

Nokia Workers Mourn Death of Symbian, Thousands Walk Out

Former Microsoft Vet Chris Weber To Lead Nokias USA Business, Louison Is Out

Nokia Microsoft Is Like Yahoo Bing Nokias Days As Innovator Are Over

Nokia Share Price Takes A Hell Of A Nosedive, Down 14%

Video of Elop and Blamer Announcing Partnership