The sales of data security technologies will continue to grow rapidly.  There is no other option.  Lets face it, the current standards in place through periodic tests and audits to gauge a companys data weaknesses arent working.  This became even more obvious with the recent hacking of Global Payments, Inc.,  the Atlanta based company credit card processor.  They reported that up to 1.5 million credit card accounts were exposed.  Worse is that this exposure happened over a one-month period. How can we think the current standards and solutions are adequate when an entire month goes by and no one notices that data is not just being viewed by outsiders, but is being exported outside of the company?  The speed that Global Payments said they contained the incident makes me wonder if this might have been an inside attack. 

All of these breaches point out that new and innovative security monitoring software is continually needed.  Much of this software will come from emerging companies that will end up being acquired by the big public software security providers in the future.