Hi, Im Miro Parizek, responsible for Corums international group.  I joined the firm in early 1998 after nearly fifteen years in the software industry as a founder and CEO of various companies.  Since joining Corum I have managed a couple of dozen transactions worth over a half billion Euros in areas as diverse as compiler technology, enterprise management systems, human capital management, SCM and vertical sectors such as software for mining and the flat glass industries, and many others.  One of the great pleasures I have in the M&A side of our industry is for one, I get to work in many different areas of the entire software business, and secondly, I get to work with successful entrepreneurs who have taken an idea and made it into something truly valuable.  Working with such people who have taken their blood, sweat and tears to build a saleable asset, and helping them to realize their personal goals is what motivates me in our business.  I look forward to interacting with our blog readers and to eventually working with you one day.