We are living in our own version of The Jetson's - The New Mobile Society, driven by the convergence of form and functionality.

Form: As Apple has learned the hard way, smartphones are more desirable with larger screen sizes. The iPhone, although an early leader, was primarily beat by one key trait on the Samsung Galaxy phones - their 37% larger screen sizes [S3 vs. 4S]. Although this goes against the convention of smaller & thinner is better as with laptops, or phones of the past like the Razr vs. Nokia Bar phones, having a larger screen makes the difference when truly living a mobile, PC-free lifestyle. Apple has realized this fact and released iPad Mini, and all reports point to the next iPhone coming with a larger screen size. Dell was an early entrant with Streak, but 24 months too early, before the market was fully developed.

Functionality: Long behind the tech innovations of South Korea, our US bandwidth capabilities are finally catching up with 3G, then 4G speeds and city-wide WiFi hot spot deployments. This is on the heels of the Google Fiber optic deployment in Kansas City. A local initiative in Seattle by Gigabit Squared aims to bring excess fiber from a city-owned fiber optic network to be distributed to 12 key neighborhoods in the Seattle core. Large spectrum deals are continuing among the cable/telecom guys like ATT who spent $780m to expand its wireless spectrum just last week.

The enterprise is focused on driving work/professional time to the mobile device with funds deployed into enterprise mobile apps, security, back office BYOD capabilities, etc.

All in all, we will see more people face down in their phones rather than interacting with their immediate surrounding environment with a new saying: the grass is always greener in your palm.