When building a successful technology company, it helps to take lessons from other successful companies. Today, let’s take a look at Google. When it first started out, Google set up a toll booth on a new highway that had to be built when consumers started taking advantage of the Internet to research products and topics of interest.  Consumers generally aren't aware of the toll they are paying (heavy profiling, loss of privacy, data collection, highly targeted ads) and place a premium on the value they are getting (amazingly responsive, useful search). 

Three keys: 

1) Tap into existing behaviors. Don't require customers to adopt new behavior; yes, Internet search was new, but consumers were doing the same thing in books, magazines, newspapers, phone books, etc.

2) Provide real value to the user.

3) Establish efficient, scalable monetization.  

Apple had similar dynamics; people already bought PCs and CDs, so they made more beautiful PCs, extended the platform to mobile, and gave consumers a more efficient, faster way of purchasing music. How is your company addressing these three keys?