Hello, my name is John Melotte.  I joined Corum in 2008 as a Regional Director based out of London.  All my working life has been spent with IT and software.  I started in the late 70s, whilst I was still at school and University, developing modelling software for the energy utilities and defence industry.  All Corum professionals come from having been CEOs of their own software companies, and my early career was spent leading a supply chain execution software company, Process Computing Limited, with operations in UK, Europe, RSA and Australia.  PCL was acquired by the mid-market ERP company, Kewill Systems.  I was closely involved as Kewill then acquired a number of other Logistics software companies in Europe and the USA in the late 90s.  With Kewill I had my first contact with Corum, as a buyer, when Kewill acquired Exeter Software whom Corum was advising.  In the late 90s I became a Partner at MTI Partners, one of the UKs leading early-stage technology VCs.  I oversaw the investment in, subsequent fund-raising for, and exits from a number of mainly IT companies (including Simulus, predictive performance database analysis; iOra, application acceleration and offline networking; Danum Group, healthcare infomediary; ArmourSoft, enterprise software security platform; IntelliQ train-of-thought data-mining applied to Retail Fraud).  Corum was involved as sell-side advisor with a number of MTI investments.  Also, like so many of my private equity colleagues, I attended Corums educational conferences and received their research material.  So having dealt with Corum over the years as a buyer, as a seller, as a delegate, it has been a pleasure to join the team!