All of Corum’s 2015 Top 10 Tech Trends create more productive and collaborative work environments allowing for much freer flow of information. The challenge behind this is it creates huge risks for information breaches.  While analysts say 75% of enterprises’ information security budgets are expected to be allocated to rapid detection of threats, in 2014 we continued to witness high profile cyber security attacks against companies like Target and JP Morgan, including the recent damaging attacks to Sony Pictures servers releasing 100 terabytes of internal files and movies. This is creating huge opportunities in M&A for emerging and mature data security companies. Many of these deals are focused on aggregating threat data and analyzing real-time network traffic to respond to attacks in process. Two important deals this past year were the acquisition of Mandiant by FireEye for $1 billion and the acquisition of SafeNet by Gemalto for $890 million. We expect information security to be a leading sector continuing in ’15.