One of the guest speakers for our December webinar was Josef Mandelbaum of Perion, an Israel-based tech company that focuses on bringing high tech to what he called the second wave of adopters, those who may actually use devices like smartphones more, but who won't be the first to buy them.


Because its target market is not the cutting edge, tech savvy, first wave adopters, a key element for Perion is developing technology that is simple and practical, so that those who are technically proficient without being ahead of the curve, can embrace the offerings easily.


Mandelbaum also spoke at length about the advantages of being a company based in Israel, including a centralized location, a good time zone for conducting international business, a hotbed of technology and talent, and the entrepreneurial spirit that is part of the country's national attitude. You may be surprised to know that many big tech companies have research and development branches in Israel, and that it has the most startups per capita in the world, right after Silicon Valley.


As we've been saying for some time now, and as we note specifically in December's webinar, Israel is not a country that investors, buyers, or sellers can afford to ignore.