For such a small country, Israel often gets more than its share of headlines, and what not everyone knows is that it also has more than its fair share of software technology companies.


Israel has 8 million citizens living in a country similar in size to New Jersey or Belgium, but it is second only to the United States for computer startups, and it has the largest number of NASDAQ-listed companies outside of North America.


This nation has created an environment that embraces entrepreneurial startups, incubating them through early growth, and supporting the movement of companies to bigger markets. One example is basing executives and sales and marketing in the US, but leaving the technology and core of the company back in Israel, while still being eligible for US finance. This is so successful it is now called the Israeli model, and no one manages to make it work as well as they do.


In fact, many companies, like CheckPoint and Amdocs, which are generally considered to be American companies, are founded on an Israeli technology heart. And Israeli buyers continue to look to acquire other businesses in the US and around the world.


When it comes to tech M&A, Israel is a force to be reckoned with, and certainly not a nation you can ignore.