Tomorrow, were holding a Merge Briefing conference in Durham, NC, and yesterday CED, the Southeasts largest entrepreneurial support organization, interviewed Corum VP Jeff Brown about the event:

The CED Team: How did this event develop? Why bring it to Raleigh/Durham?

Brown: The Merge Briefing is an outgrowth of the Selling Up, Selling Out conference that has been ongoing since 1991more technology executives have attended that conference than all similar conferences combined. Thats a half-day conference, a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of growing and selling a company. Were planning to bring Selling Up, Selling Out to Durham in the first half of 2013.

The CED Team: Okay, makes sense. The Triangle area is experiencing a rapid growth in entrepreneurs who are preparing for funding events in the next 12-18 months. Is there a particular audience that would gain value from this event? Is it open to anyone interested in learning more about M&A?

Brown: The audience for the Merge Briefing is primarily CEOs, investors and executives of software companies who are considering an M&A process at some point in the futuresometimes in the very near term, but most often at some point in the next three years. However, it is a great opportunity even for early-stage companies, because it gives a entrepreneurs a great overview of what they need to be thinking about in advance of testing the marketplacehow to begin with the end in mind.

Want to learn more? Read the whole interview. Want to register for a Merge Briefing or Selling Up, Selling Out? Click here.