Almost 20 years ago, Corum made a commitment to enter the European market, and we continue to be rewarded for it. We could see that focusing only on North America would make us less able to help our clients find the best deals, and we expanded our operation.

Today more than half of our transactions involve either a buyer or a seller from outside North America. A large percentage of those deals are from Europe, of course, but we also see a lot of activity from the BRIC nations as well.

After some time away, I’ve recently rejoined Corum as VP of International Business Development. I’ll be working to build relationships and partnerships in the hotbeds of technology not only in Europe, but all across the globe—some in places where we already have a presence, some in places that will be very new to us.

We’ll be entering the markets the way we always do, with education first, so keep an eye out for our upcoming seminars, Merge Briefings and Selling Up Selling Out events. We’re excited to reach even further into the tech market, and we look forward to working with you soon!