Is your computer speeding, Internet going too fast?

...You must be in Kansas...or Missouri!

Right here in Corum Kansas City, we spent some time looking into the incredible Google experiment, wiring one city with internet speeds faster than most of us have even considered.

When fully enabled, the speeds here in old KC are genuinely about 100x faster than anything you've worked with (symmetrical 1GB speeds throughout) at home or at the office, so its no surprise that the city is suddenly on the tech map, and drawing news reports from CNN to the New York Times. Easy to see impact on the personal front -download those 2 movies, 6 photo albums and 15mb file, done - anything else you need? But on the educational, medical and business collaboration front, plenty of impact and innovation ahead.

Kansas City (specifically the Missouri side) started out as one of 1100 candidates to be the home of this experiment. And they did what a lot of independent-spirited folks did in the last couple of years. In the true spirit of collaboration, they crowd-sourced the project. More than 100 individuals, including folks from government, legal, education, tech, and elsewhere in the community, pulled together and delivered the message on why KC was the ideal candidate, and how Google Fiber could benefit the city and benefit from the city.

We haven't seen the ultimate outcome possibilities of this experiment, but if you consider the exponential leaps in technology that come from a driving force technology like high speed internet, what could be next? Less than 20 years ago, the internet was beginning an exciting chapter of evolution, and home services like Prodigy and AOL were seen as futuristic. Modems with snappy bandwidth measured in at 19.2kb.

The leaps and bounds that come next could be astounding.

For the entire report, check out our December 2012 webinar, including interviews with some individuals who are very closely involved with the project, click here (