Corums senior staff braved the biggest snow storm of the season, leaving their homes as early as 4:00AM, beat the traffic and accumulating snow, to participate in the most heavily attended conference in Corums 23 year history.  The topic was Are you worried about the future of your company?  Well, you should be.

Over three hundred software entrepreneurs logged in to hear from Corum professionals in Zurich, Munich, Paris, Istanbul, Mexico City, Phoenix, Ottowa and Bellevue.  This was the most accurate and comprehensive review of the current market situation that I have seen.  The conference also covered strategies for managing a business in the downturn, and for closing deals in spite of the turmoil.  The full webinar will be posted soon on the Corum site.  I encourage you to listen in.

> Listen and watch the flash recording
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Ryan Blakely, John Patton, Bruce Milne (from left)

Ward Carter, Bruce Milne, Elon Gasper, Tomoki Yasuda, Jessica Eastman (from left)