Digital Force Multipliers enable traditional firms to build value by using their own technology to directly address customer needs.  ​ Building these powerful proprietary platforms in-house by leveraging advances such as the cloud services, new development tools and readily available commercial and open-source components, their market force and nimbleness are multiplied.


These proprietary platforms add multiple benefits to a company’s value proposition including increased revenue, differentiated offerings, sustainable competitive advantage and the ability to react to market shifts quickly. Naturally, these companies draw strong interest from buyers seeking growth as well as an innovative technology stack and an employee base accustomed to using technology to drive results.


Recent acquisitions include Redfin, ABC Legal, and Corum client Campus Special, who began providing traditional hard copy coupon-books on college campuses.  As technology and customer behaviors changed, they changed with them, developing mobile apps, online food ordering and payment processing. This attracted Chegg, recently public, seeking to expand market share and leverage its own digital force multipliers to drive dramatic growth.