Enmeshed Systems are the natural embodiment of Moore’s Law, enabling millions of lines of code to be buried in increasingly small and ultra-fast hardware. By now we’re pretty casual about the complex, embedded apps that are a part of our daily routine - running our interactive gas pumps, motion sensing home thermostats, computer-laden cars and gesture-driven TV’s. 


What’s not so obvious is the massive work and investment underway across all technology markets to deliver myriads more enmeshed solutions. For consumers this means seamlessly interconnected, interactive and self-adjusting devices that manage home heating, lighting, appliances and security systems, using real time data such as ambient temperature, time of day, motion detection and controlled by us on our smartphones.  In commercial markets - such as avionics and robotics - formerly unreachable computing tasks are being routinely performed directly within chips, and more are on the way through new supercomputer chips like the NVIDIA Tegra X, announced this year at CES in Las Vegas. This is a truly exploding area of our industry.