I will be in India later this month to host Corums first Tech Merge Briefing in the worlds IT back office. The executive briefing will take place in Bangalore on Friday morning (Oct 26). We will give an overview of market trends, current tech M&A drivers, valuations and an outlook for 2013. In addition, we will go over what is needed to successfully sell a tech company in todays environment.


Personally, I am very much looking forward to this - my first - trip to India. There have been over seven years and a financial crisis since The World is Flat was on the best seller lists. The then cutting edge insights Thomas Freidman highlighted in his book are now ingrained in most peoples common understanding of the global fabric. IT and business process outsourcing, internet, Facebook, the cloud, all make it quite apparent now to most everyone how really flat this world has become.


India plays a major role in todays IT industry, and I am keen to meet local computer industry executives and discuss acquisition and exit strategies during our Tech Merge Briefing. If you are in Bangalore or can make it there on Oct 26, do join us. For more information, please email me at miro@corumgroup.com.