Corum Group, the leading global M&A advisory firm for software and related technology companies, announced today that its client, QSR International, has entered a strategic partnership with Rubicon Technology Partners, a US-based private equity firm specializing in enterprise software company investments.  QSR International is the world’s leading qualitative data analytics software company, based in Melbourne, Australia. The partnership provides strategic investment for QSR International to extend its market leading position in the academic and social research disciplines and accelerate its fast-growing business in the commercial and public sectors. 

“We are grateful to Corum for identifying and bringing us together with an ideal US-based partner,” said Chris Astle, CEO of QSR International.  “This strategic partnership with Rubicon will accelerate our product roadmap and provide additional resources to better support our customers and partners.”

“As more people want to make use of unstructured data we believe QSR is uniquely positioned to enable them given its history of innovation in this space,” said Jason Winsten, Partner at Rubicon Technology Partners.  “In our view, the partnership between Rubicon and QSR represents a significant opportunity to accelerate the breadth and range of solutions available to QDA researchers globally.”

“We are pleased to have helped connect QSR to Rubicon,” said Corum Senior Vice President Dan Bernstein, who led the deal. “QSR’s innovative technology and industry leadership, combined with Rubicon’s deep expertise and resources, will make for a very powerful team going forward.”

“This is an excellent example of the kind of opportunities that exist for Australian technology companies with US-based strategic partners,” Bernstein added. “Corum Group looks forward to helping more Australian technology entrepreneurs build similar partnerships going forward.”

Corum, QSR and Rubicon will all present at the World Financial Symposiums “Growth and Exit Strategies for Software and IT Companies” conference, to be held in Sydney for the first time on 1 November, 2018. Held regularly in Silicon Valley, New York and London, the event brings together global leaders in tech and finance for a day of in-depth panels and presentations from leading acquirers, entrepreneurs, bankers and more. To learn more about WFS and the Growth and Exits conference series, visit

About Corum Group

Corum Group is the global leader in merger and acquisition services, specializing in serving sellers of software and Internet companies worldwide. With offices globally, Corum has completed over US $7 billion in software M&A transactions over the last 30 years, spanning six continents. Corum also educates the industry with its popular conferences and publishes the most widely distributed software M&A research. Corum's M&A advisors are highly experienced former tech CEOs, who are supported by the industry's leading researchers, writers and valuators. Corum also does much to educate the industry with its conferences and webinars and the industry's most widely distributed software and IT M&A research.

About QSR International

Every day, QSR International helps 1.5 million researchers, marketers and others to utilize Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA) to uncover deeper insights contained within the “human data” collected via social media, consumer and community feedback and other means. The company gives people the power to make better decisions by uncovering more insights to advance their area of exploration. With an innovative suite of qualitative data analysis products, NVivo and Interpris, QSR enables both structured numerical data and unstructured “human” data to be analyzed together, uncovering powerful insights unattainable only through quantitative data analysis. The new insights QSR International’s suite of products unlock helps researchers and curious minds worldwide make more informed decisions that create growth, solve problems and improve lives. With benefits for individuals, teams, and organizations, QSR International unlocks data and research intelligence in ways that are otherwise impossible.

Headquartered in Australia, QSR International maintains offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, and throughout Europe. Learn more at

About Rubicon Technology Partners

Rubicon Technology Partners invests in enterprise software companies with proven products and talented management teams to help grow and scale their businesses. Rubicon enables companies to adapt to the changing requirements of their businesses as they grow and scale using a proven set of proprietary processes, best practices and a portfolio-wide engagement model called RTP Change Management™. With offices in Menlo Park, CA and Stamford, CT, Rubicon has over $850 million in cumulative capital commitments. For more information, please visit