Let’s face it - being an entrepreneur, building and running a business is hard and not for everyone. Not only is it a lot of work, but it can put a tremendous amount of stress on everyone involved. When this stress begins to manifest itself within a company’s leadership, executive management and board of directors issues are bound to arise. Many executives believe that they need to resolve all of the issues before even considering an exit.


​While issues between partners or shareholders can have a very negative impact on the business, that should not be a barrier to an exit. Rather, an acquisition should be seen as the solution.  Corum’s “8 Stages for an Optimal Outcome” creates a managed auction process that establishes a common bond, agreement or alignment between the parties; and by selling the company, the conflict may be resolved with no additional effort.  What may appear to be unsolvable issues on their own can indeed be rectified with a successful outcome.