After the new year, an intriguing new trend was reported where more CEOs are taking an interest in their firm's IT security. With all the virus scares and security failings in the past year, it's not hard to see why, but this is encouraging.

If you're not already part of this trend, you should really consider taking on a bit more of a role in your company's IT security practices. You don't have to take charge yourself, leave that to the experts, but ask questions, find out about what your company is concretely doing to combat IT threats.

One of the most exciting fronts in the IT world today is the Cloud, and it has brought on both different risks in IT security, and another layer of fail safes, as vulnerabilities can be quickly closed of and isolated.

If you're interested in the predicted IT security trends for 2011, and what you as a high-level executive ought to know about them, see my new Expert Article on Why a CEO Should Care About IT Security just posted at More to come upon return from the 20th Annual RSA Conference in San Francisco this week see you there!