Greetings from Canada - the most wired country in the world and home to over 250,000 software professionals.  Canada is a hotbed for software startups and Corum Group has been very active over the years in helping Canadian companies undertake strategic transactions. Remarkably, PriceWaterhouseCoopers reports that 95% of Canadian software companies plan to undertake an M&A activity in the next four years - and most will have an international connection, As a former software CEO of a VC-backed, Canadian software company with global sales, I understand the issues facing software companies in Canada and the need to always think world-wide.  As the Corum Regional Director for Canada I am delighted to bring Corum's global reach to Canadian companies looking to make their place in the world. Although geographically dispersed, Canadian software and IT services companies have a lot in common.  Hopefully this blog will help share some of the commonality.  I look forward to the connection.