The Libyan situation is dominating the headlines, along with the other protests throughout the Arab world. Everyone is worried - the increase in the price of oil may be the least of the fallout. However, an Arab associate from a tech company in Europe shared some interesting insightson his recent trip to our international headquarters in Zurich. The first is that the images we see and cell calls we hear from people in Libya remind us that they are just like the rest of us they want to get on with their lives, live safely, and have a better world for their children. If that happens, and democracy and freedom prevail in such countries, there may be a billion more consumers in the world. The various dictators, autocrats, etc., have siphoned off roughly $1.5 trillion into private banks around the world. Imagine if this money was put to more productive use. Of course, nothing is ever that simple, especially in the Middle East. But, its an intriguing thought.