The Tech M&A market is vibrant. Buyers sit in countless web-based (Webex, Go-to-Meeting, Join Me) meetings with Software CEO/Founders each day.

I expect we’d all agree that meeting face-to-face is communication at its best-- but a web-based discussion has been a qualifying event in every M&A process I’ve been involved in the last decade. Just this week I participated in a dozen really top notch meetings with buyers/sellers via web conferencing.

I decided to jot down 5 simple things that set them apart in quality and clarity.

Web Conferencing

  1. Great audio & crisp visuals - test your speaker, microphone  and connection ahead of time; set-up surprises can cut into valuable time.  
  2. Introductions & initial comments DO matter and often set the tone for the content and conversation to follow.   
  3. Buyers ask great questions if you let them and all appreciate succinct answers.
  4. Slides bring visualization to your conversation, 10-15 is usually plenty, too many and we are on-line readers, not engaged listeners.
  5. Your past successes are the history, your future successes the mystery - clarity on the road ahead engages everyone.