It is rightly said that the most important things in life arent things.  These times of economic uncertainty may cause us to fixate on our litany of concerns and lose sight of what is fundamentally important - health, family, friends and hope for the future.  For these gifts we can be truly grateful.

I was inspired by a recent post entitled Value Everything from Uwakina Osemeke, a Nigerian petroleum Engineer.  The text is reproduced here:

Value your health. Take good care of yourself because many people pray just to be healthy like you. Health is wealth.

Value your life, dont lose it. Dont even think of suicide because many people wished they had enough time to accomplish their dreams. You still have a chance to do that so [dont] give up.

Value your freedom because so many people are willing to spend all they have to buy their freedom...

Value your parents irrespective of their status, whether rich or poor. If you think Im wrong then go to orphanages and see how the kids wish they had someone they could call mother or father, no matter how bad they are.

Value your friends because they are not easy to come by. Be a good friend too

Value the food you eat, no matter how cheap because so many people have [very little].

Value your job because so many jobless people out there envy your job and wish to have it.

Value what you have because you might not have a chance to get it again. They say a bird in hand is worth [at least 2] in the bush.

Value the little things you are given because they have the tendency to attract bigger ones.

Value yourself, value people and value the things around you, no matter how little. Thats the best way to live and enjoy life. 

Good words, Uwakina.  Thanks for lending your heartfelt perspective during this season of Thanksgiving.  Youve given us a banquet for thought.