Visit almost any major to mid-sized US city, and you’ll see that the innovation community is a key driver of jobs, economic growth, and wealth creation. By guiding, mentoring, and funding the most promising of entrepreneurs, angel investors often fuel regional successes and are a critical component of early-stage technology company growth.


This year, Corum was proud to be a sponsor, speaker, and participant at the annual Angel Capital Association Leadership Workshop in the Columbus, Ohio. Held on the campus of Ohio State University, this electric event brought together over 200 investors and angel-backed companies. Attracting the most engaged and proactive tech angel groups from across the US, the conference had a level of sophistication, process, and best practice that was evident in every speaker presentation and panel discussion.


Hats off to the Angel Capital Association  and this year’s hosts, the Ohio Tech Angels. Any tech CEO thinking about a start-up, or a round of funding, should pay a visit to their websites to understand processes through the investor lens.


Conversely, any tech CEO or angel backers trying to decide if the time is right to explore an M&A event should visit the Corum M&A webinar archive. Through the years, Corum’s content has proven to be very helpful to angel groups and their CEOs, and as we enjoy the most significant boom period in tech start-ups and M&A since 1999, this becomes especially true.