Whenever we do a Seller’s panel on our webinar, we get an incredible amount of wisdom from those who’ve done their time in the trenches. May’s webinar was no exception, as we heard from three recent sellers, Javier Medina-Mora of Infinnix, Chau Ngyuen of Campus Special, and Matt Van Bergen of Citytech. Here are some of the highlights of what they shared. 

Matt Van Bergen
Prepare for a lot of late nights! Unless you’ve been through the process before, it will be more than you have imagined. If we had to go through it again, we would have kept things in order meticulously the entire time so we didn’t have to do some housekeeping to get in selling shape, but having a team like Corum on our side made a big difference. 

Chau Ngyuen
Ultimately, to me, a deal is about the people, chemistry, the synergy between those involved. It doesn’t matter what you have, if you can’t connect on the human level, then you’re missing something. The personal interactions, the meetings, the conferences, those were where we got to shine and also discover what the people who were interested in us were like and that was key. 

Javier Medina-Mora
In the end, we had an efficient and experienced team of advisors and that was what made the difference. We had them acting essentially as an internal division, and that helped us cover a lot of ground very quickly, that was the key that kept us together, kept us on track, and got us to where we needed to be.

Advice from Sellers from Inffinix, Campus Special, and Citytech