This year, Corum hosted over 150 live conferences in countries from Singapore to Switzerland.  We educated thousands of CEOs on their opportunities in the market.  We’ll wrap up the year of deals and trends in Part 1 of our Annual Report on January 17th.  But before then, let’s look back at some of 2018’s high points, as seen by both CEO’s and Corum’s own employees.

“Thank you to the presenters and hosts.  Even though I have done this 4 times, there is always something to learn or think about.  Well done!” – Selling Up, Selling Out in Toronto

Ivan was a wealth of knowledge.  Well prepared and presented.” – Merge Briefing in Richmond, VA

“I was invited to Seattle Merge Briefing on November 15. The event was sponsored by Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, in their conference room with spectacular views of the Seattle skyline.  The presentation was articulate, knowledgeable and full of interesting, personal M&A anecdotes. It seemed like everyone got a lot out of it!” – Yanji Du, Marketing Assistant, Seattle

"Presentation was very professional, comprehensive and presented logically. The content clearly is needed since most of those in this space do not seem as organized. Easy to follow. I understand the value of the material for buyers and sellers giving way to a higher return for the client.” – Selling Up, Selling Out in Kansas City

“On November 20th I had the pleasure of attending Corum’s Selling Up, Selling Out conference in Munich, where speakers included Julius Telaranta and Mattias Borg, both Vice Presidents at Corum Group. After spending time assisting with event preparation, it was great to see one finally come to life!  The audience was eager to understand the difference between pitching a product and selling a company as well as why strategic buyers should not be approached directly, even if they are long-term partners, customers or competitors.  There was also a lot of discussion on how to “test the waters” and a deep dive into the professional go-to-market process. I learned a lot.  And, it was inspiring to see the attendees sharing their own practices and questioning each other during the presentation and at the break.” – Liudmila Reviakina, Senior Writer-Analyst, Munich

Rob Griggs has amazing experience and knowledge to share and help startups grow to the next level.  AWESOME event.” – Private Dinner at Eleven Eleven in St. Louis

“Outstanding, thorough, and indispensable.  Every technology company should avail itself of the possibilities with Corum Group’s services.” – Selling Up, Selling Out in Newport Beach, CA

“I had the great opportunity to participate to our annual SUSO in Barcelona at the ECIJA law firm office. Sr. Vice President Peter Prince and Nina Seghatoleslami, our Vice President Client Services, handled the presentation and we had the pleasure of having Mr. Xavi Muñoz, partner at ECIJA, speaking about GDPR’s impact on M&A.  In addition to GDPR, guests were keen to learn about how to profit from preparation, what the valuation models are nowadays and how-to strategize a negotiation. Interaction with the audience was intense from the beginning until the end of the presentation!  The workshop ended with a nice cocktail and catering on the rooftop, must appreciated by most of the attendees and privileged moment to network and make some good connections.” – Barbara Momboeuf, Marketing Assistant, Barcelona