Last week I attended CES for the first time in many years. When the video game industry started showing at CES decades ago, I was there with a booth, right next to a Sony booth, rumored to be introducing the original PlayStation. We were relegated to the back parking lot on a table because no one took gaming seriously. With little protection from the elements, it started to rain. Vegas of all places nasty! E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) was born, and my parking lot days were over.


2012 CES was busy busier than the last few years, Im told.


Joining the big super thin ultra HD TVs were hundreds of new Ultrabooks super thin, powerful, long battery-life laptops I guess there was something to Apples awesome thin MacBook Air introduced exactly 4 years ago.


There were some standouts at the show. Nokias new Lumia 900 Windows phone looked great with its bigger screen, long battery life, and front-facing camera. Ataris Arcade for iPad looked fun with a mini-joystick to boot worth a nostalgic try at $60.


Intel and Microsoft had excellent showings not too big, but impressive. Intel is into everything, and they did a great job showing their clout on all kinds of devices. Microsoft marveled crowds with its Kinect for the Xbox and Windows.


What really impressed me was the body metrics or motion detection devices for TVs and computers. How would you like to trash your TV remote? Change channels, adjust volume, switch devices, research and more with the swipe of your hand. This is a real world practical breakthrough. Watch for PrimeSense to be a leader in this field.


As highlighted on Corums 2012 Predictions Webinar, following closely behind motion detection, voice recognition will be the next big thing on many of the devices we use every day.