Redmond, WA (Vocus/PRWEB ) June 24, 2010 -- Leading software M&A specialist, the Corum Group, will sponsor the 10th Annual M&A Mid Year Forecast for Software, IT and Internet. This 60-minute event, entitled "Forecast 2010: Mid-Year Update" will be broadcast July 8 at 1 PM Eastern time. The conference this year has been greatly enhanced with the inclusion of all major market sectors and subsets, plus predictions by the largest firm in the business, Microsoft.

"Never before has such a complete midyear webcast been presented, PLUS a presentation by the largest firm in the industry, Microsoft, at the same time" said Bruce Milne, Founder of the Corum Group. "Corum Valuation Metrics on 22 market sectors, field observations from our staff around the world including China, plus invaluable insights from presenters will help attendees plot a course for their companies as we complete 2010 and head into 2011. We expect a very lively Q&A."

The first 20 minutes will include a market update, first half retrospective and M&A presentation of six major markets: Horizontal Applications, Vertical Applications, Consumer Applications, Infrastructure, Internet and IT Services - segmented into 22 sectors. The second half of the presentation will feature a senior Microsoft corporate development executive sharing views on the trends that affect us now and their M&A strategy.

After the presentation, speakers will participate in a Q&A session open to the audience. Any questions not answered due to time, or of a confidential nature, will be addressed after the event.

Corum's software M&A webinars are timely events featuring rich content that have drawn an increasing number of individuals from all over the world, ranging from software executives to Fortune 500 corporate development teams, the U.S. government and other influential groups in software and related technology M&A.

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