Due diligence is a buyer's detailed investigation into your company before they acquire it. Inadequate due diligence preparation and conduct can destroy value or even force you to live with a sub-optimal outcome after the deal is closed. With so many chances to step on a landmine, you must be well prepared. We've compiled a list of 12 survival tips to help you navigate due diligence and achieve maximum value for your company.  

Corum's Tech M&A Monthly is a regular webcast series for software company owners, executives and CEOs. Each month, Corum Group, the world's leading M&A firm for software and related technology companies, examines the world of Tech M&A. In addition, Tech M&A Monthly includes special reports on buyers, markets and the M&A process itself. This thirty-minute webcast is a must for owners and CEOs considering Tech M&A, whether now or in the future.