Join Ivan Ruzic and the DC Startup Team for breakfast and learn about mergers, acquisitions, and how to start planning for your future exit now.  The presentation will cover steps to take early on to put yourself in a position for exit, valuation, negotiation, contacts, due diligence and much much more.

StartupYourMorning is a monthly breakfast lecture series for entrepreneurs. By bringing people together around a hot topic, we are able to fuel, support, and inspire our entrepreneurial lives. Each month, we will have a curated speaker who will share their successes, failures, and insights live with the chance for the online and in-person audiences to ask their burning questions. For the in-person audience we will have some tasty breakfast to fuel you for the rest of the day. We are set out to change the way entrepreneurs connect in DC. Join us.

StartupYourMorning is a labor of love by the DC Startup Week Team.