Corum Group, in partnership with our friends at Flatiron Law Group, the leading global investment bank, present “M&A Re-Imagined”, a webinar exploring how forward-thinking M&A lawyers and bankers are using commercially available digital platforms and proprietary deal tools and databases to bring efficiency, transparency and cost savings to archaic M&A practices.

  1. How to create digital deal ecosystems that capture the entire life cycle of a deal from inception to post-closing integration. Learn Strategic ways of bringing together parties, data, disclosure schedules, and the representations and warranties.
  2. How Corum leverages its vast electronic databases of M&A deals, acquirers and content to extract market intelligence concerning valuation trends, market terms and best M&A practices, and to find optimal matches between buyers and sellers.
  3. How to use digital platforms to organize, manipulate and present due diligence data and deal documents to drive faster deals, more reliable disclosure, and better, more informed decision-making

About Flatiron Law Group:
Flatiron Law Group is a cutting edge M&A law firm founded by former AM Law 100 partners with a mission to deliver Big Law quality deal counsel more efficiently, and with value added benefits for buyers and sellers, by leveraging commercially available digital tools and its own proprietary deal platform, called M&A 3.1.

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