The pandemic has changed Tech M&A forever. There is more cash, more buyers globally, and the pace is nearly "real-time," creating buyer bidding wars.  Join us on May 13th at 10:00 AM Pacific as we examine three examples of recent deals that demonstrate the speed, depth and breadth of the responses from buyers we are seeing today. How has buyer response increased? How do you respond to pre-emptive bids? What do offers look like in this environment? How do you avoid leaving half your value on the table?

Plus, special guests Matt Ehrlichman the CEO and Co-Founder of Porch Group, and Michael Bor, the CEO and Co-Founder of CarLotz, join us to discuss their recent SPAC acquisitions.


Corum's Tech M&A Monthly is a regular webcast series for software company owners, executives and CEOs. Each month, Corum Group, the world's leading M&A firm for software and related technology companies, examines the world of Tech M&A. In addition, Tech M&A Monthly includes special reports on buyers, markets and the M&A process itself. This thirty-minute webcast is a must for owners and CEOs considering Tech M&A, whether now or in the future.