The Corum Philosophy

In the 1980’s we began focusing Corum’s future on filling a distinct gap in the offerings of existing Investment Banking operations. No one wanted to represent the small privately held software entrepreneur in the sale of his or her company. They were too small, risky and there was not enough return.    

From the beginning, we believed in this extraordinary and dynamic group of business people and recognized that their need for quality M&A support would grow with them. We dedicated our entire business model to that purpose. If they weren’t successful - we weren’t successful. But we knew we needed a lot more than just good intentions, good ethics and hard work to become the best in our field.  

We knew we needed the most experienced M&A advisors, a strong team process, world-class technology, continuous research, global reach
, industry reputation and relationships, and impeccable follow through to create a business model of significant value to our clients. 

Our unwavering dedication to serving the smaller privately held software entrepreneur with all the critical aspects that would lead to a successful M&A transaction, has led Corum to have more software M&A experience than any other M&A firm in the world. Our clients realize the important result: Experience makes the difference.

quotesWe engaged Corum to obtain liquidity for some of our shareholders. With their assistance we were able to accomplish this objective and the preparation work helped us to eventually secure a significant investment from the venture capital community…we are happy with the outcome.quotes

Charles Plant
Synamics Inc.