Tanya Froehlich acts as the branch manager to Corum's International Headquarters in Zurich. Corum's office in Zurich provides support for all of our European operations, while enabling Corum to apply Global Reach in software M&A throughout Europe and worldwide. Whether Tanya is in her office or traveling, she and all Corum offices and personnel may be contacted through its integrated telecommunications system: contact us.

Upcoming Events
February 21, 2019 Edinburgh - Merge Briefing
February 27, 2019 Glasgow - Merge Briefing
March 5, 2019 Oslo - Merge Briefing
March 14, 2019 Lyon - Merge Briefing
March 15, 2019 Grenoble - Merge Briefing

quotesThe Corum team was an incredible asset to us during the M&A negotiation process. We knew about key issues ahead of time before they surfaced, allowing us to prepare in advance as needed. Plus, they provided a key division of labor for us and kept our focus where it needed to be - on continuing to run our business successfully.quotes

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