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Tech M&A Monthly: The Seven Deadly Sins of Tech M&A
November 12, 2015

The sale of your company is the culmination of years of hard work and innovation, but can be derailed by a single misstep. Corum dealmakers examined the “Seven Deadly Sins of Tech M&A” – errors that can kill your deal or kill your value. Drawing on the largest body of tech M&A in history, Corum’s global team shared war stories of what not to do taking your firm to market. Plus, we had special reports on the role of conflict in an M&A transaction, and a recent Corum deal in the rapidly expanding Enterprise Mobility space, and a look at deals and valuations across the Vertical, Horizontal and Internet sectors. 

Tech M&A Monthly: Q3 Report 2015
October 8, 2015

With a constant stream of market turmoil, disruptive business models and even more disruptive technologies, what does it all mean for Tech M&A? Tech M&A Quarterly looks at how today's headlines influenced mergers and acquisitions of technology companies in Q3 2015, and what the next few months look like. Corum's research team walked through the key deals, trends and valuations from the last few record months of tech M&A, across all six tech sectors and 29 subsectors.

Tech M&A Monthly: Deal Structures Today
September 10, 2015

Today’s combination of active public markets, resurgent IPOs and a growing pool of buyers means that deal structures are getting more complex as buyers and sellers get creative in order to get deals done. The September edition of Tech M&A Monthly examined some of the many ways that structure is more important than price in many cases, following up on last year’s highly-praised webcast on the topic. When is a profit sharing agreement appropriate? What’s the role of consulting agreements? How do cross-border issues complicate matters? Corum dealmakers addressed these questions and more, drawing on the largest body of tech M&A in history. In addition, we examined the key deals, trends and valuations from the past month in the Horizontal, Infrastructure and Consumer technology markets.

Tech M&A Monthly - China: What's Really Happening?
August 13, 2015

The tumultuous Chinese public markets have been in the news for all the wrong reasons over the last month. But even as the volatility captures the headlines, the increased cash, better access to Western markets and strategic imperatives have not gone away, and deals were still getting done. What really happened, and what could it mean for your company? We turned to Corum's Chinese Advisory Board for their perspectives, and we also looked at a deal we just closed with a Chinese buyer, selling gaming firm Digital Extremes to China's Leyou Technologies. Join us for all this, plus a look at the key deals, trends and valuations from the last month.

Tech M&A Monthly - 2015 Mid-Year Report
July 16, 2015

We marked the halfway-point of 2015 -- another remarkable year for tech M&A, as booming public markets, resurgent IPOs, record-setting buyer cash and disruptive technologies continue to drive deal flow. We’ll look back at the notable deals, high valuations and key trends in all six tech markets and 29 subsectors. We also looked again at the Top 10 Disruptive Technology Trends for 2015, looking at their impact in the first half of 2015. Plus, deal reports from the M&A trenches on transactions just closed in the insurance and government verticals.

Tech M&A Monthly: M&A Contracts Overview
June 11, 2015

The process of selling a company is a long and complex one, but it all boils down into the final contract between the seller and the buyer. Corum dealmakers took a detailed look at what should go into a final M&A contract—and what should stay out of them. They walked through the 10 Critical Terms in Any M&A Contract, plus the Top 6 M&A Contract Mistakes, with stories straight from Corum’s 30 years of selling technology companies. This is the most important document of your company’s life – and possibly yours, as well. Plus the Corum Index, and key deals, trends and valuations in the Horizontal, Infrastructure and Consumer tech sectors.

Tech M&A Monthly: Improve Your Deal by 48%
May 14, 2015

Would you like to improve the value of your company by 48%? Applying a professional, carefully staged process to the sale of a technology company increases the ultimate value of the deal by 48%. Get M&A process lessons from the pros, as Corum dealmakers globally outline the steps they use to achieve an optimal outcome when selling a software or related technology company.

Tech M&A Monthly: Q1 Report 2015
April 9, 2015

Driven by booming public markets, record cash reserves and continuing disruptive technological change, the surge in tech M&A volume and valuations continued through Q1 of 2015. Check out this Tech M&A Quarterly webcast, a look at Q1 of 2015 for mergers and acquisitions of software and related technology companies. Find out about the key deals, trends and valuations for all six technology sectors and 29 subsectors.

Tech M&A Monthly: Sellers Conversation
March 12, 2015

We're in the midst of the best market to sell a software, Internet or related technology company in more than a decade. If you're considering taking advantage, you won't want to miss this in-depth conversation with a tech CEO who just sold the company he founded nearly 10 years ago. Kevin Linden sold his firm Email Direct to j2 Global, one of the top buyers of software companies right now. Learn how he did it, what he learned, what surprised him and much more. Plus, a special report on the hot gaming M&A market.

Tech M&A Monthly: Private Equity Roundtable
February 12, 2015

Private Equity has a vital role in today's Tech M&A market. From platforms to bolt-ons, they are bidding on most deals, either directly or through a portfolio company. And with $1.1 trillion in uncommitted funds in 2015, they're outbidding strategic buyers, driving up valuations and changing the competitive landscape. Is your market on their radar? How can you get direct interest from Private Equity? What about from a portfolio company? Find out from our panel of leading global PE firms, featuring:

  • George Kase, Marlin Equity
  • John Hodge, RUBICON Technology Partners
  • Blair Greenberg, Bregal Sagemount
  • Martin Scott, The Riverside Company
Forecast 2015 - Global Tech M&A Report
January 15, 2015

2014 continued the recent trend of increasing technology M&A, with both volume and valuations reaching new heights. To kick off 2015, Corum experts and a panel of technology luminaries looked at the year behind and the year ahead. We covered key deals and valuation metrics for all six technology sectors and 29 subsectors, and introduce the Ten Disruptive Tech Trends for 2015. In addition to Corum dealmakers from across the globe, we were joined by:

  • Peter Coffee, Salesforce VP for Strategic Research
  • Mukund Mohan, Director of Microsoft Ventures
  • Dr. Karl-Michael Popp, SAP Senior Director of Corporate Development
  • Reese Jones, Silicon Valley Futurist & Singularity University Founder

It was the largest tech M&A event of the year, so be sure not to miss Forecast 2015.

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