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Tech M&A Monthly: A Sellers biggest mistake
May 12, 2016

In over 30 years of selling more software companies than anyone, Corum has consistently seen one common mistake CEOs make that rises above all the others. It's a real value destroyer. To hear about how you can avoid this mistake, and 9 other value killers, tune in to Tech M&A Monthly.

Tech M&A Monthly: Q1 Report 2016
April 14, 2016

Did the "SaaS-pocalypse" and the rest of 2016's Q1 public market turmoil slow down Tech M&A? Or were the underlying factors of buyer cash reserves, disruptive technology and strategic imperatives overriding uncertain markets? Corum Group gave the most in-depth look anywhere at Q1 of 2016 for mergers and acquisitions of software and related technology companies. We looked at the key deals, trends and valuations for all six technology sectors and 30 subsectors, with a special focus on what it means for technology executives considering whether this was the right opportunity window to take their firms to market.

Tech M&A Monthly: Sellers Conversation
March 10, 2016

With buyer cash and disruptive trends continuing to drive tech M&A deal flow, it is still the best time to take advantage of today’s environment. For anyone considering a sale, you won’t want to miss this month’s in-depth discussion with tech CEOs who recently sold their companies. Hear from software executives and owners like you, who successfully navigated the M&A field and sold their companies to a global array of buyers. Learn how they did it and what you can do to increase your value in today’s market. We heard from:

  • Moe Arnaiz, Founder & CEO of eMOBUS, acquired by Asentinel and Marlin Equity
  • William Harris, Chairman of Orthoview, acquired by Materialise
  • James Schmalz, Founder & CEO of Digital Extremes, acquired by Perfect World and Leyou Technologies
Tech M&A Monthly: Private Equity Roundtable
February 11, 2016

Private Equity’s role in today's Tech M&A market continues to grow, with no upper bounds in sight. They are in the mix for on most deals, whether directly or through a portfolio company, going after both platforms companies and bolt-ons. And with trillions in uncommitted funds earmarked to be spent, they're outbidding strategic buyers, driving up valuations and changing the competitive landscape. Is your market on their radar? How can you get direct interest from Private Equity? What do you do when you’ve got it? What about from a portfolio company? Find out from our panel of leading global Private Equity firms.

Forecast 2016 - Global Tech M&A Report
January 14, 2016

Tech M&A continued to reach new highs as 2016 began, with disruptive technology, plus trillions of dollars of ready cash, driving both strategic and financial acquirers to buy software and related technology companies at a pace not seen in over a decade. What’s next for tech M&A? Join Corum Group and hundreds of technology CEOs globally for the largest tech M&A event of the year – Forecast 2016, the Global Tech M&A Report. Hear from Corum dealmakers globally, plus our panel of industry luminaries:


  • Peter Coffee, Salesforce, VP for Strategic Research
  • Mukund Mohan, Microsoft, Director, Strategy for Sales & Enterprise
  • Dr. Karl-Michael Popp, SAP, Senior Director of Corporate Development
  • Reese Jones, Silicon Valley Futurist & Singularity University Founder


Plus, a look at the 10 Disruptive Technology Trends for 2016, the annual Corum Index of Tech M&A and valuation metrics across the six technology sectors and 30 subsectors. You don’t want to miss the premier event each year for software company owners and CEOs.

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