As software and IT companies compete in the global market, any serious effort to find a suitable partner must include careful consideration of both domestic and international companies. Business leaders know how difficult it is to build a customer base and distribution channel in a foreign country and are willing to pay a premium for international expansion.

Recognizing this simple business reality, Corum has led the industry in developing a true worldwide presence, with offices globally across North America and Europe, and has completed transactions spanning 6 continents. Supporting Corum dealmakers and advisors located across the globe is Corum's North American headquarters in Seattle, European headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, and research center in Kharkiv, Ukraine. In addition, Corum holds regular software M&A conferences internationally—nearly 200 every year—speaks regularly at industry functions, publishes international software M&A newsletters and research, and has developed alliances with many foreign technical organizations, trade associations and publications.

This kind of international presence is no longer a luxury, but an absolute necessity in performing a true global search for the right buyer. And the end result? An unprecedented 60 percent of Corum's transactions involve a cross-border buyer or seller.