With our backgrounds in IT, you would expect us to support our business with state-of-the-art technologies. You may think this is the norm in an industry where information is so critical. In truth, as a general rule, you will find most are using contact managers or other tools that result in isolated islands of individual personal knowledge that can't be shared.

In contrast, Corum has spent almost a decade and nearly $20 million dollars developing the industry's definitive database management system for software mergers and acquisitions. It is constantly expanded through extensive research and the day-to-day contacts we make on behalf of our clients and industry participation. Every single contact is entered. The system now contains information on over 70,000 IT firms and holds at least 5 million entries. Approximately, 5,000 new contact-related notes are added each month and all are available for review by our professional team as they contact prospective partners.

One of the fundamental differences between Corum and other M&A firms lies in the fact that every client has the distinct benefit of this unparalleled information base garnered from hundreds of client engagements, the most widely attended educational seminar series of its kind in the world, industry relationships and speaking engagements, and direct and co-sponsored research - all targeted to software M&A.

With time, a detailed buyer profile emerges. We know:

  • Their preferred deal structure 
  • How they negotiate 
  • Why they kill deals, and more 
  • Who the decision makers are 
  • How they make decisions 
  • How responsive they are
  • The kind of deals they like to do

We believe strongly that the way we use technology provides our clients a unique advantage that no competing merger and acquisition firm can match.