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A new way to raise capital Crowdfunding


Raising capital can be one of the most challenging and aggravating processes a startup ever faces, from the one perfect angel goose-chase to swallowing painful terms with a VC to suffering exorbitant legal fees, to name a few. What if startups... Click here to read more

Friday, December 30, 2011 - 07:48
Posted by Geoffrey Sechter,
Israel spotlight: Perion

One of the guest speakers for our December webinar was Josef Mandelbaum of Perion, an Israel-based tech company that focuses on bringing high tech to what he called the second wave of adopters, those who may actually... Click here to read more

Wednesday, December 28, 2011 - 01:05
Posted by Daniel Holland,

We're all very familiar with the big players in US tech, but there are plenty of up and coming brands internationally that you may not be as familiar with. If you're not yet aware of Yandex, you will be soon, and you should start now. ... Click here to read more

Friday, December 23, 2011 - 03:45
Posted by Alina Soltys, Associate

We were fortunate enough to have Stefan Fountain, Founder and CEO of Soocial which was recently acquired by Viadeo, join us for our December webinar -- ... Click here to read more

Wednesday, December 21, 2011 - 04:17
Posted by Tomoki Yasuda,
2012 Mergers & Acquisitions Survey assessment

Last week the national law firm, Dykema, released its seventh annual Mergers & Acquisitions... Click here to read more

Thursday, December 15, 2011 - 23:46
Posted by Rob Schram, Senior Vice President
Video Game Software IPO nail biters

More IPO's are expected this week than in any other week in the last three quarters.  

Two of the hottest are in video game software - Nexon in Japan, and Zynga (ZNGA) in the US.
Nexon's $1.2B IPO was Japan's biggest this year - a leader in online... Click here to read more

Thursday, December 15, 2011 - 05:42
Posted by Jim Perkins, Executive Vice President
Israel rising

For such a small country, Israel often gets more than its share of headlines, and what not everyone knows is that it also has more than its fair share of software technology companies.... Click here to read more

Wednesday, December 14, 2011 - 00:38
Posted by John Melotte,
From London: US software industry has nothing to fear from European entrepreneur

Earlier this week, I chaired the World Financial Symposiums Growth & Exit Strategies conference in London. We had over 100 registrants from 16 countries. The 20 speakers were the best in European tech: investors... Click here to read more

Friday, December 9, 2011 - 01:11
Posted by Miro Parizek, Managing Director
It's a good time to be a SaaS Company in the Cloud

Following in the steps of Oracles acquisition of RightNow Technologies in October, SAP announced their own acquisition of SuccessFactors just the other day at 10.7x revenue multiple. Traditional enterprise software companies are starting to see the future value of... Click here to read more

Tuesday, December 6, 2011 - 08:08
Posted by Alina Soltys, Associate
Getting ready for Buyer discovery

Its only natural that buyers want to learn as much as they can about your company before they acquire it.  This discovery is essential to their valuation, risk analysis, the terms of agreement and integration.  The... Click here to read more

Thursday, December 1, 2011 - 04:47
Posted by Jeff Brown, Senior Vice President, Client Services

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quotesAfter several conversations, even flying to multiple offices, we began to learn that our team was going to stay intact, we were going to be part of a growing part of the business, and really able to make a difference and move the needle. All those things were very important to us to moving forward, while the mechanics of the deal, the valuations, the terms and things like that, we had a great partner in Corum to help lead us through that. quotes

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