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Top 10 Tech Trends: Positioning Intelligence
Location-based discovery has a come a long way since its earliest days in the mid-20th century. No longer limited to military use, this technology has become an integral piece to today’s high tech market.   Positioning intelligence is increasingly familiar to all of us given the GPS capabilities... Click here to read more
Posted by Peri Pierone, Vice President on 15 August 2016
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Top 10 Tech Trends: AI Enablement
When we think of artificial intelligence, IBM’s Watson immediately comes to mind. Watson has been one of the biggest investors in the AI market, making several acquisitions over the last year. One of the biggest stories from Watson recently was its $2.6B acquisition of Truven Health Analytics. We... Click here to read more
Posted by Allan Wilson, Senior Vice President on 10 August 2016
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Top 10 Tech Trends: Connected Health
Ten years ago, would you have thought technology would be available to improve your health and help you make choices about your diet, next workout and sleep patterns? With the rise in popularity of video games that advocate an active lifestyle or the availability of online medical consultations, it... Click here to read more
Posted by Dave Levine, Senior Vice President on 3 August 2016
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Top 10 Tech Trends: Online Exchanges
Nearly every major industry has felt some level of impact from online exchanges, regardless of whether it's B2B or B2C; and regardless of whether it’s about exchanging products, services, data or content.   Online exchange growth has been dramatic. Consider Amazon. Five years ago, Amazon had... Click here to read more
Posted by Ivan Ruzic, Senior Vice President on 1 August 2016
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Top 10 Tech Trends: Digital Currency Flow
Like the online exchanges we previously covered, digital currency is another tech trend that is making it easier for consumers to complete transactions online.   There is massive opportunity for banks, card issuers, and payments processors to deliver mobile payments to more global markets and a... Click here to read more
Posted by Robert Griggs, Senior Vice President on 27 July 2016
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Valuing IP through M&A
To start the month of June, Corum was asked by the IP100 delegation to give a series of presentations in the UK, topic: “Valuing IP through M&A”. Sharing the platform with Olswang and Metis Partners, we were able to bring high-level experience from the perspectives of legal, transactional, and... Click here to read more
Posted by Jon Scott, Chairman on 20 June 2016
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What should I put in my data room?
Starting the preparation process for a possible M&A event is one of the most important steps that you can take today, whether you are planning on selling your company in 2016 or in the next five years.  We recommend that you begin the preparation process by assembling all of the documents that... Click here to read more
Posted by Dave Levine, Senior Vice President on 23 May 2016
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Is your company's buyer in Asia?
​A new wave of Asian buyers, especially ones based in China, are hungry for technology acquisitions and investments. But what are they after, how do you reach them, and what are the ramifications of doing a deal overseas?  On April 28, I’ll be doing a webcast with SecureDocs Virtual Data Room, to... Click here to read more
Posted by Jim Perkins, Executive Vice President on 29 March 2016
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2016 Tech M&A Predictions – Connected Cars, Drones, VR and more
Last week, we reviewed our tech M&A predictions for last year. Now, let’s look ahead to what’s in store for tech M&A in 2016. After polling Corum’s staff around the world, we assembled the following as our top predictions for this year:     1.       Vehicles, not houses or cities, become... Click here to read more
Posted by Corum Group, on 2 February 2016
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2015 Tech M&A Prediction Review
As always, we like to begin our year with predictions for what’s to come in the world of Tech M&A. Before we do that, though, we’re going to take stock of how well we’ve done in the predictions game previously. Last year, we began our Annual Report with seven tech M&A predictions for 2015.... Click here to read more
Posted by Corum Group, on 26 January 2016
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Digital Transformation - Fueling software M&A
There was a paper written in 2011 which talked about the coming wave of digital transformation and how it would engulf every aspect of our lives. The paper was a collaboration between Capgemini Consulting and the MIT Center for Digital Business, and the predictions of the future contained in that... Click here to read more
Posted by Allan Wilson, Senior Vice President on 17 December 2015
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Cross-border considerations
Over 60% of all Corum's M&A transactions are cross border as many of your best buyers are not in North America.  Depending on the size of the transaction, you may have the complexity of government approvals, both on the buyer and seller side. Among other issues, this could involve anti-trust,... Click here to read more
Posted by Jim Perkins, Executive Vice President on 3 November 2015
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Debt & Leverage
Debt and/or Leverage in the structure can greatly affect a deal’s viability.  As secondary sources of deal finance to the Buyer they may be essential to make a deal possible.  But they can also be a danger; for example the noteholder of a transaction’s Debt is often the Seller, which effectively... Click here to read more
Posted by John Simpson, Vice President on 29 October 2015
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Structuring an acquihire
What’s the difference between an acquihire and an acquisition? The term “acquihire” is used when a company is purchased for its personnel and their unique skillset. In a traditional acquisition, the acquirer is getting a combination of product, revenue and customer base. In an acquihire, a talented... Click here to read more
Posted by Daniel Bernstein, Executive Vice President on 27 October 2015
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Profit sharing & options
Incentivizing sellers through profit-sharing or options essentially works the  same way that it does with employees: it serves as a motivational tool to help the company hit its sales targets, while keeping everyone focused on efficiency. In M&A deals, the profit targets can be linked to the... Click here to read more
Posted by Mark Johnson, Vice President on 22 October 2015
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Employment, consulting and non-compete agreements
Most transactions include some form of employment, consulting or non-compete agreements for founders and other key executives. These are important for both buyers and sellers. The talents and knowledge of the selling CEO or senior executive can be critical to a successful integration. In an... Click here to read more
Posted by Jon Scott, Chairman on 20 October 2015
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Stock sale vs asset sale: A critical decision
One of the biggest structural decisions during the sale of a company is choosing between a stock sale or asset sale. The tax differences can be dramatic, so it’s important to understand what, in fact, is being bought and sold. Is it the ownership interest of the business entity, a stock purchase? ... Click here to read more
Posted by Rob Schram, Executive Vice President on 15 October 2015
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Rolling the dice on earnouts
We place special emphasis on the variety of options for deal structure in our M&A conferences, given their importance in the ultimate outcome of the transaction.  Negotiating a favorable price is often much easier than getting the best structure, and balancing risk with opportunity and tax... Click here to read more
Posted by Ward Carter, Chairman Emeritus on 13 October 2015
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