Why M&A advisors make a crucial difference

  • Although many (but not all) of our clients will know their global market better than we do, buyers will often come from associated markets where there is a complementary fit. It is our job to cover these associated areas. Also, we comprehensively research our clients specific sector in case they are not aware of any new or geographically remote potential buyers.
  • As an advisor we are in regular and trusted contact with many of the buyers that our clients should target. We are aware of what buyers are seeking (and why) and how our clients business needs to be presented to maximise its chance of success.
  • It is our job day-in, day-out to sell software and IT service companies. Corums process is well tuned and well honed. Corum is much better at M&A than the executive team of even the best software company. Linked to this, Corum is able to focus on the task, allowing our clients executives to do what they are excellent at managing our clients business and driving its development.
  • As a respected M&A advisor, we are able to get a client in front of potential buyers that might otherwise keep it at the bottom of the pile of general opportunities to consider.
  • During the M&A process, Corums presence as an advisor, independent from the seller, allows Corum to push buyers in a way that would risk our client losing face. It is easier for us to float ideas and to seek compromise between a client and a potential buyer. In summary, it is easier for us to negotiate the best deal on your behalf.
Posted by , on 18 March 2011
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