The key to higher valuations

  • Know yourself, your market, your competitors, and your buyers
  • Choose the right time do not miss the consolidation wave in your sub-sector
  • If you sell software then demonstrate strong revenue growth & upside
  • If you sell software services then demonstrate solid earnings and staff utilisation
  • Maintain a strong cash position during the M&A process
  • Have loyal customers
  • Secure strong recurring revenues
  • Do not miss your forecast numbers
  • Confront any skeletons-in-the-cupboard early
  • Be future proof in your technology platform and business model
  • Demonstrate depth in the management team and show succession planning
  • Dominate a sector or geographic territory
  • Run a competitive, global M&A auction - managed by an M&A advisor J
Posted by , on 6 February 2012
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