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Martin Lowrie joins Corum Group with a diverse background, from fighter pilot in Africa to startup CEO in Internet advertising. He has worked in a strategic management consulting role with over 25 startups in multiple sectors of technology over the last 15 years, helping them grow, penetrate markets and, in some cases, be acquired. Martin’s original high-technology experience was honed at Parametric Technology Corp. where he held positions in customer education, international marketing and strategic development. Martin earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of the Witwatersand.

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Team-Selling: the Corum Way Makes a Difference
When I joined Corum last November, I was told, “We use a team-selling approach to get the best possible outcome for our clients.” While I understood the words, I had no idea of what they really meant until I had participated in a few deals.   Definition of team -- A group of people with a full set... Click here to read more
Posted by Martin Lowrie, Vice President on 10 April 2018
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