If you're a software entrepreneur, a merger is more than just a transaction. It's about changing your life and realizing your dreams. The long years of work, toil, worry and stress were for a reason.

You had a vision. And whether the end result of a transaction is to retire, have more time for family, for yourself, or, as we see in many cases, have the freedom to start yet one more business - you have succeeded.

Living Your Dream

At Corum we believe strongly that an M&A transaction is about more than money. It's about changing your life and realizing your dreams.

This philosophy is inherent in the integrity in our business model, the quality of our people, how we live our own lives, how we maintain our client relationships, and how we celebrate success.

For nearly a decade we have been tracking how our former clients are living their lives after selling their company or, in some cases, after returning to us to sell their second or third companies. Read our collection of stories about software entrepreneurs and executives like you. They've gone through everything you have. Read about them and think. What is it you want? What are your dreams?