In addition to leading with experienced M&A advisors from the software industry, Corum assigns a strong research, financial and account management team to each engagement. These professionals are responsible for document preparation, research, financial analysis, valuation and the time consuming job of getting the message out.

The key to our success is the time tested process Corum developed by turning years of experience into best practices. The merger and acquisition process begins with creating a concise set of documents, letters, phone scripts and emails that tell your story. We develop these materials for you and then work with you to refine the story. Buyers today are deluged with information on opportunities and their review time is in short supply. We strongly believe that a series of short, to-the-point materials submitted in planned steps is better than investing in the traditional merger and acquisition process, weighty "book". Corum’s approach builds understanding, enthusiasm, and generates dialogues.  Of course, all documents are approved, by you, before they are submitted to potential partners. 

Research - Our research group is responsible for identifying the most logical partners for your company. They start with our database of over 70,000 companies, then move to secondary sources followed by direct research in industry publications and the Internet to create a target list. Since it's critically important we talk to the highest-level decision maker, the research team makes sure our contact information is correct before the first contact on your behalf.

Financial Analysis - Our financial team is responsible creating a financial memorandum that is presented to serious potential partners. It's tough to turn a financial statement into a marketing document, but that's exactly what they try to do. It's our job to offer a document that presents your company accurately and in its best light. The financial team also prepares valuations for potential buyers, if needed, as the merger and acquisition process unfolds.

Writing - We work with our clients to help develop a clear value proposition and compelling message. Typically, we write a confidential introductory letter followed by a short, perhaps 10 page, executive summary, plus email copy and when needed, more in depth documents describing technology, synergies or marketing plans.

Process Management - Once the preparation is complete (it usually takes about six weeks) the active phase begins with a seven week campaign of scheduled events including contacting the target companies with overnight express packages, mail, email, fax and calls to key prospects made by the deal professionals. In a typical engagement, Corum will make over 2,000 contacts on your behalf.

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