Tech M&A Monthly: Best Practices for Definitive Agreements in Tech M&A


Timothy Goddard

Good morning, afternoon, or evening, wherever you happen to be in the world. My name is Tim Goddard. I am the EVP of Marketing here at Corum Group. Very happy to be bringing you today a special report on tech M&A contracts, as well as, quite a few other items. Contracts are a big issue. And so we've got a big report on that. But I do want to get to a couple of other things first. We'll have a field report on a deal recently closed, we'll have our research report, and then our special report. So. Without any further ado, I'm gonna turn things over to Dan Bernstein, who's currently in Australia on a deal close down under, Dan?

Dan Bernstein

We are proud to have represented QSR International in their strategic partnership with Rubicon Technology Partners. A leader in the qualitative data analytic space, QSR software is used worldwide by 1.5 million researchers seeking to uncover insights contained within the human data, collected via social media, consumer and community feedback. The partnership ensures QSR's continued growth and expansion in academic, governmental, and commercial spheres. QSR is based in Melbourne, Australia, and Rubicon is based in Silicon Valley. Another reminder that good technology is everywhere, the buyers are everywhere, and that no matter where you are, whether it is Silicon Valley, Columbus, Ohio, or Melbourne, Australia, you need a global process in order to get an optimal outcome.

We are particularly excited about the work we are doing in Australia with firms like QSR. We are pleased to announce that Rubicon and News Corporation will join us as buyers, and QSR and Punters will join us as sellers at the upcoming World Financial Symposiums, Growth & Exit Strategies for Software and IT Companies conference. To be held in Sydney for the first time on 1st of October 2018. Held regularly in Silicon Valley, New York, and London, this event brings together global leaders in tech and finance for a day of in-depth panels and presentations from leading acquirers, entrepreneurs, bankers, and more. To learn more about WFS and the Growth & Exit's conference series, visit I'll look forward to seeing many of you in Sydney in November.

Timothy Goddard

Thanks, Dan, and congratulations. If you are not perhaps near Sydney, you can still attend a Growth & Exit Strategies conference whether you're in Europe or in the United States. London on September 27th, and then New York on October 16th. These are really the premiere tech and finance events. So if you are at all able to attend, I strongly encourage it, as I mentioned. More at


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