Infrastructure software companies sell the “plumbing” needed to operate, control, manage and protect the computing resources on which businesses of all types rely. Infrastructure software covers application enabling technologies for companies of all types and sizes. The category includes: system management software, network management software, virtualization, storage software, backup/recovery software, security software, VoIP and software development tools.


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emBoot acquired by Double-Take Software

emBoot, Inc., a Canada-based provider of network booting technology

Double-Take's acquisition of emBoot supplements Double-Take’s full system expertise with solutions to power dynamic and green IT infrastructures.

“emBoot provides network boot products that significantly reduce the cost and complexity of administrating servers, desktops, POS terminals and embedded systems,” said George Kostiuk, CEO of emBoot. “We are excited about joining the Double-Take Software team and contributing to the development of tools that allow our customers to liberate workloads, and reduce hardware and power consumption as they move to a more dynamically managed infrastructure.”

The technology acquired with emBoot allows organizations to easily assign and re-assign computing workloads to any available Windows or Linux physical servers or desktops or any virtual machine in their environment.

Announcement Date: August 26, 2008
Deal Value: Undisclosed

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quotesAfter several conversations, even flying to multiple offices, we began to learn that our team was going to stay intact, we were going to be part of a growing part of the business, and really able to make a difference and move the needle. All those things were very important to us to moving forward, while the mechanics of the deal, the valuations, the terms and things like that, we had a great partner in Corum to help lead us through that. quotes

Matt Van Bergen