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Experience makes the difference for the most important transaction of your life.  

Selling your software or IT company will likely be the most important transaction of your life, one where experience will make the difference. The kind of experience that will not only get you to the right buyers globally, but will also get you the price you deserve for your company.  

It’s not an easy process. It must be done professionally, with extensive research and preparation, a team of experts in a detailed M&A process, and a database that exposes you to strategic and financial buyer options worldwide.  

When it comes to experience, Corum stands apart as the world’s leading seller of software and IT companies. We have managed more successful software and IT M&A transactions over the last two decades than any other company. 

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Corum's Experience Brochure

quotesAs far as the Corum people are concerned, you will find that every single one of them down to the secretary are extremely professional. They know how to deal on your behalf and they are great at negotiating. Ultimately they structured an excellent deal for us. I will say this, would I do another transaction with the Corum people? Absolutely.quotes

Rusty Russ
DTR Software International