Corum is the leading provider of software and IT M&A services; our extensive domain expertise and knowledge of the vast, complex technology landscape is critical to our client companies’ success. Thus, we have defined a market taxonomy which we feel best segments the broad market as it relates to M&A. Differentiating between primary software markets and their related subsectors and the trends and nuances of the mergers and acquisitions occurring in them, is vital in understanding how your specific company fits into the broader marketplace, and helps to outline where your best exit opportunities may exist.  

We have broken down the entire software industry into the following six markets and their related subsectors. This breakdown allows for quick market identification so owners, founders, executives and other decision makers can assess where they fit in the overall scheme and quickly identify the related M&A activity, transactions and market insight which is most relevant to them.  

Corum understands that every company is different and not everyone will fit cleanly into any one market or subsector. Knowing this, we feel this taxonomy allows most every company to gain a good understanding of where they operate in the overall marketplace as well as the association with complementary sectors. 

Horizontal Application Software

    Business Intelligence
    Content Management
    Customer Relationship Management
    Enterprise Resource Planning
    Human Resources
    Supply Chain

Vertical Application Software

    Energy & Environment
    Financial Services

CONSUMER Application Software

    Digital Content 

Infrastructure Software
    Development Tools
    Legacy Extension/SOA
    Network Management
    Systems Management

    Pure Play Portal

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